May Workshop: Reclaiming Our Creativity
May Workshop: Reclaiming Our Creativity
May Workshop: Reclaiming Our Creativity
May Workshop: Reclaiming Our Creativity

May Workshop: Reclaiming Our Creativity

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The big takeaway for me from 2020 is that we all need to up our Creativity Quotient. The world is transitioning into a new way of doing things and our willingness and ability to think and respond creatively is essential for us both personally and as part of the global community.

In this workshop we'll be talking about creativity through the lenses of safety, science, myth, mystery & practice. It's a great opportunity to explore creativity as it relates to art making, but this workshop is designed to expand your understanding to see how our innate creativity impacts every aspect of our lives—from individual health and happiness to how we interact with the world.

This workshop is for women looking to think more deeply about their own creativity and how to activate it in ways that are personally meaningful. If you're someone who has ever said, "I'm not creative.", this confab is perfect for you.

We'll meet for 90 minutes each Monday in a group Zoom gathering and then for another half hour in an individual one-on-one session on Friday or Saturday afternoon.


Week 1: Creativity and Safety
A brief introduction to our Vagus Nerve, Polyvagal Theory and how our nervous system impacts our ability to connect with and engage our innate creativity.

Week 2: Creativity and Science and Myth
A deep(ish) dive into the science that shows our limitless capacity for creativity and how our culture teaches us the exact opposite.
Week 3: Creativity and Mystery
Science doesn't have all the answers. This week is an exploration of curiosity, collaboration, improvisation, and intuition.

Week 4: Creativity and Practice
Yes, creativity is magical, but it's not magic. It is only through consistent daily practice that we are able to connect to and grow into our deeply creative selves.

Group Zoom Session Dates:
Mondays, May 3, 10, 17 & 24  5-6:30p (CST)

Individual Session Dates:
Half hour blocks during each Fridays or Saturday afternoons at your convenience.

Though I continue to love working with my hands and making jewelry, I am feeling the pull to expand my own practice. This past year of uncertainty helped me realize that my long time daily creative practice had prepared me to weather the storm in important ways. I'm looking to share a bit of what I know in hopes of inspiring others to reevaluate, reimagine and reclaim their relationship with their creative selves.

I’ll be sending a confirmation email to attendees with some resources to help jump start our first conversations on May 3.

Workshop sold out? Drop me a note and I'll let you know when the next one gets scheduled.

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