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10 Best Good Things of 2021 So Far

I love putting together lists of Good Things. The world is filled with so many gorgeous, fascinating and inspiring things. Here are my top ten for the first half of 2021.


  1. Put something that’s bothering you into perspective.
  2. I don’t think of myself as judgy (who does, really?) but I like this practice I picked up from the Art of Noticing (No. 66) newsletter. 
  3. You need to violate your instincts if you want to build a better, less fearful life.
  4. Stop what you’re doing and dance.
  5. If you haven’t ever seen Hellzapoppin, you have to check out this amazing dance sequence. Now in Living Color.
  6. I hope our collective near future holds much, much more of this
  7. I love this easy technique for making a repeat pattern. Plus there’s a fun bit of fashion history. 
  8. Consider adding a modest quest to your week.
  9. Crows are tool makers and gift givers
  10. This is a lovely story of how to think of the chapters of your life. 
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