FREE Domestic US Shipping. Your Order Also Plants a Tree in the Gemmo Forest!!

Eco-Aware Pledge:

As a true Yankee, responsible use of resources was bred into me. Though not a child of the Great Depression, I grew up with the memory all around me.

It is a core principle that my little business treads as lightly on the planet as possible. That's why I use:

  • locally sourced upcycled tin containers that most consider trash
  • no precious or semi-precious materials
  • steel wire & surgical stainless steel ear wires
  • eco-friendly & recycleable packaging
  • eco-friendly & recyclable mailers from US manufacturer Ecoenclose

I have also recently begun a partnership with the non-profit One Tree Planted. With each order from my online shop I donate $1 to their reforestation efforts around the globe. $1 = 1 Tree. So, not only can you enjoy wearing low-impact, sustainably made jewelry, you can do so knowing a new tree is growing because of you.

Interested in starting your own tree planting fundraiser? OTP can help you with that.

So far, we've managed to plant a copse: