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Better Relaxer | Celebrating Acomplishments | Setting Intentions and more . . .

I finally found the solution for my book necklaces. Silk! It's so comfy to wear and the adjustable clasp makes it easy to get the length just right.

I hope you have had some quiet time to recoup after all the holiday prep and festivities. For me, these days between Christmas and New Year's are always a mix of reflection and projection. Here are a few good things in that spirit.
  1. I don't do resolutions. Not my thing. I do like setting intentions though. This past year made it clear that I need to learn to be a better relaxer. I intend to implement several of these bite sized tips.
  2. This great list of questions will help you reflect on all the good things you accomplished this year. It's the perfect exercise to compete before setting your 2019 intentions.
  3. I'm working to get the last few scores of 2018 pieces off to good homes. Some will head to shops, others will get listed online. I've even started a Goodbuy 2018 SALE section in my shop. Be sure to check back there often over the next couple of weeks because I'll be adding all through January. I'd love to clear the decks and start 2019 fresh with all new work.
  4. If you're inclined to consider shifting from resolutions to intentions, here is a really good piece on setting happiness intentions for 2019.
  5. If you didn't catch it this week, here is a great response to package thieves--complete with glitter. Pro tip: don't mess with NASA engineers.
  6. I had to move all the way to Texas to learn that the secret to good luck was as simple as black eyed peas. Here's a simple and yummy recipe that you can eat on it's own or make a plate of Hoppin' John.
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