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8|19|22 Life as Vacation


The real voyage of discovery
consists not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

This is the last full week I'll be in Maine and I'm feeling all the things we feel as we shift from one place to another. A bit of sadness. A bit of anticipation for home. A bit of excitement for what's next.

Like most folks, my times away from home have been limited to sporadic moments of a couple of weeks on vacation. Though those times are hugely important breaks and usually lovely spans of time, I'm learning that it's much different to spend an extended amount of time in another place.

At first I did all the things I do on a regular vacation; saw the sights, spent time combing the beaches, walked in the woods. But then, as the weeks shifted to months, I found myself in a much more home-like routine; grocery shopping for dinner, visiting with my aunt, getting a haircut and spending more hours in the studio.

All of this makes me think about how I want to shift my time when I return to Texas to create more space for doing the things we do when we're on vacation. Because I'm starting to think that treating the limited amount of time we have on the planet as a vacation might just be a good approach.

This final bit of  work from the Maine workshop is just my usual random assortment of stuff. I do, however have a few of these new Sector pieces that's an expansion of my Tesserae collection. I got a wild hare in the studio this week to cut triangles from 1" circles and these earringsand cuff are the first experiments from the idea.

I hope you make some time this weekend to relax and enjoy this last bit of summer.


PS: I love these fabulous sculptures from upcycled materials Danish artist Thomas Danbo has created in the Maine woods. You can see more about how they are created here.