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88 Important Truths   |  Murals  |   Tiny Chef Show and more

Here are a few good things I found for you this week.

  1. I love lists. I'm not sure how this 88 Important Truths got missed before, but it's pinned now. Lots of favorites here, but this struck me in particular: "28. Most of what we see is only what we think about what we see."
  2. I'm fascinated by parenting. It's by far the most difficult and least prepared-for work. Which is why I was reading this great interview with Austin Kleon and where I found the one line that seems to totally sum up my approach: "I just want them to be privately happy and publicly useful."
  3. I have sooooo many cool tins that have been reserved for the "perfect" thing. For far too long. I made the America the Beautiful series and people loved it, so I dug deep into the bins and found flowers, cowboys, happy clouds, lips and superheros. Using up my super "special" tins made me realize how silly it was to "save" them in the first place. If you decide you need any of the results, use REDUCE for 10% off your order.
  4. A 6 Good Things reader put the super sweet Tiny Chef Show on my radar. I can't quite explain it, but there's something fascinating about the felted vegan chef's tiny adventures
  5. Murals can be a welcome relief from the endless supply of ugly buildings we choose to build. I love these and can immediately think of about 10 places to put them in my little town. They also remind me of this great game I have on my phone.
  6. If you're ever feeling overwhelmed, watch this beautiful Timelapse of the Entire Universe for some perspective.

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