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9|30|22 Head in the Clouds

The throughline for this week was clouds. I was finishing up a little collab with a fab Texas artist* who also loves them; I was worried about my people in Florida as hurricane Ian blasted through (They are all fine.); and now I'm back to watching our own skies worried about our complete lack of rain here.

The necklace collab resulted in this cool newlayered design that I'm having lots of fun with. I also made a few earrings using the same technique from the Fenced Cuffs from a few weeks back. I like the effect, but it's tricky to get the smaller pieces to fold quite right. You know me, I'll keep at it til I get it. And then probably abandon it completely. 😂

Because I was getting collections out to a new stockist in Maine (YAY!) and off for a holiday thing at the Ohio Craft Museum, there was even more making than usual going on in the studio. So, of course it wasn't all about clouds and wouldn't be an adaptive reuse weekly collectionwithout some complete randomness—like a vintage NYC pendant, candy corn earrings, a bluebird and autumn leaves.

I hope you and your people are also well and that the weekend affords you some time to recharge.


* Jennye has an opening next week on the 6th at Hunt Gallery in San Antonio. I'm planning to be there to see all the gorgeousness in person. Join me if you're in the area.

PS:  Florida is just the latest spot devastated by extreme weather. My favorite non profit, World Central Kitchen is on the ground  in all the locations providing hot meals. If you feel called, this is a great organization to support.