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Map earrings made from vintage tin globes by Christine Terrell for adaptive reuse jewelry

Here are a few good things I found for you this week.

  1. I found Color: A Visual History from Newton to Modern Color Matching Guides in the library this week. It's beautiful and fascinating.
  2. Though I have no explanation for it, the burning of Notre Dame this week hit me like a gut punch. Maybe in part because I had never even conceived of the possibility of it's demise. Finding out a detailed 3D map had been created in 2010 seemed to provide a bit of solace.
  3. Though working with the vintage globe consumed much of my week, I also managed to create a new rainbow design, get cat face earrings back in stock and even plant some succulents. I'm not selling the succulents, but Good Things subscribers can use REDUCE for 10% off all jewelry.
  4. Jada Fitch makes tiny homes for birds and they are fantastic.
  5. Brain health might not be on your radar, but I'm a bit obsessed with it. The latest info linking diet to both short and long term healthy cognitive function is pretty conclusive—bad food = bad brains. This little TedEd video packs in a lot of good stuff in under 5 minutes. 
  6. Speaking of food, here's something delish and good for your brain.

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