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Braiding Sweetgrass   |  350M Trees   |  Begin Something & more Good Things . . .

adaptive reuse jewelry in front of Eiffel Tower Paris France
It has been so fun to see my work on so many intrepid women during their summer travels. I particularly loved this pic. You can get your own Matisse inspired botanical earrings here.

  1. OMG. People. I am reading Braiding Sweetgrass and it's connecting so many dots for me about why we're so adrift as a society right now—essentially: our first principles are misaligned with our nature. Bonus: the storytelling is incredibly lush and gorgeously written.
  2. Ethiopians planted 350 million trees in one day last week. It has inspired me to get back around to setting up my biz to partner with One Tree Planted. More on that when I get it all figured out.  
  3. I didn't get a ton made for this week's Good Things First collection, but I did manage to come up with a simple little flip-flop necklace that I'm excited about. As always, you can use REDUCE for 10% off your order.
  4. Nature is so fabulously intriguing. This short video beautifully captures some of it.  
  5. This advice from Ira Glass is worth keeping handy. We’re all beginners at something. If you haven’t begun something lately, do so today. Beginning is the heart of cultivating creativity and time is the perfecter.
  6. I just stumbled upon this great bit of an interview with Brené Brown this morning. Before watching it, think about your answer to this question: Do you believe people are doing the best they can? (FYI, there's a couple of F bombs.)
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