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Custom Maid


Are you planning a wedding? There's so many tiny details to consider, even for the the most intimate gatherings. All sorts of larger and smaller things need to be attended to.

Let me handle one piece of this puzzle for you—bridesmaid gifts.

Getting gifts for the women helping to create this perfect day should be easy and fun.

Which is exactly how I approach the process.

Together we can create custom, heartfelt gifts from an upcycled vintage tin—something old into something new.

Not only will each woman have a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry tailored to their unique style, all of the pieces will be connected both by the source material and memories of your beautiful day.

If you, like many brides, are planning your wedding with an eye to sustainability and low impact, a gift of upcycled jewelry also has the added benefit of being zero-waste. At a time where everyone is working to be more conscious of how we use our precious resources, these pieces allow you to give beautiful gifts that are also easy on the planet.

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