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Giant 2019 Sale!   |   Coolest Instrument   |  The Happy Broadcast & More Good Things

I didn't like my "official" Top Nine so I made my own featuring some of the intrepid women who shared pics of themselves wearing my work all over the world in 2019.


Here are a few good things I found for you this week.


  1. I'm fascinated by both the math and craftsmanship that went into these ancient buildings.
  2. Possibly the coolest instrument of all time. It reminds me of one of my all time favorite music videos.
  3. I'm ready to clear out 2019 work to make way for new good things in 2020. In that spirit, everything in this week's giant collection is 19% off. The discount will show up automatically in your cart.
  4. Age segregation is becoming a huge issue in the US. Here's one lovely way to combat it and another
  5. The art history timeline just got 12,000 years longer.
  6. Need a quick happiness boost? You can always find some good news at The Happy Broadcast.   
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