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There's something so lovely about these little violets
  1. I can't get enough of this song by Tash Sultana. And watching her create it all by herself is pretty awe inspiring.
  2. Tactics for Happier Living sounds almost science-y. Take their happiness quiz to find out how to "gain a greater understanding of what helps you feel your best and where efforts for personal growth could have the biggest impact on your life."
  3. I feel like I made all day all week, but don't seem to have a lot to show for it. I do have a few sweet pieces featuring rainbows, violets and some other flowery pieces.
  4. Frida's voice sounds exactly as I had imagined.
  5. One Time Secret allows you to share passwords without exposing your sensitive info to nefariousness.
  6. These photos of dogs in action are beautifully artful. Also, pay attention to their expressions of intensity, focus and, dare I say, joy.

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