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Gorgeous Maps   |  Squiggle Birds   |  Intrepid Women & more Good Things . . .


I picked up these odd shapes again that I originally started playing around with during my 30 Day Challenge. I'm having a lot of fun with these abstract butterflies.

Here are a few good things I found for you this week:

  1. I’m always skeptical of a headline that starts out, “The First Female…” because you know that somewhere before in history someone did the exact same thing but the knowledge of it was lost to time. Nonetheless, these maps are things of beauty and a delight worthy of attention.
  2. Google’s Art and Culture Experiments are incredibly fascinating projects that bring artists and technologists together. I’ve played around with Weird Cuts, which is an app that lets you create collages in an augmented reality space. It makes my brain hurt. There are literally HUNDREDS of these experiments to explore. Go lose yourself in the future. 
  3. I didn't get a ton made for this week's Good Things First collection, but what I did manage to finish is mostly new and different.
  4. Even after 4 years of art school and a lifetime of sketching ideas, I am intimidated by drawing. This little exercise is super relaxing and reminds us that drawing is supposed to be fun. It’s a great way to get yourself or a group of people ready to do higher level creative thinking. 
  5.  I’ve said here before that I could happily watch competent people practicing their craft 24/7. There’s something so soothing and mesmerizing to me to watch a master create something. If you haven’t found Blown Away yet on Netflix, I highly recommend it. This article about the show is also interesting.
  6. This great animated documentary about Nellie Bly makes me think about the importance of intrepid women, investigative journalism, and how technology shapes our storytelling.
Hope you found a couple of good things here! If you like them and want to help support the endeavor,  please share with friends, give the gift of eco-aware jewelry, and follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.