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Instagram Stories: Access to the Latest adaptive reuse Tin Jewelry Creations

"If you've followed me here or IG or FB for any length of time, you probably know that I make new jewelry every day. What you may not know is that I'm also a proponent that everyone make something every day. It doesn't matter what it is--a little collage, a short poem, a journal entry, some fresh pasta for dinner, a new riff on your guitar. Whatever your thing is, do it on a daily basis. Not only is it the best way to get better at something, it's a form of meditative practice. Also, it's just damn good for your brain. What's not good for your brain (at least not my brain) is all the other stuff that goes along with the business of making things. Don't get me wrong, I can do it, but that's not the sweet spot for me. What I love is to create a cool piece of jewelry and then release it to the world to see it find a home with someone who loves wearing it.

Why Instagram Stories?

To that end, I'm realizing that Instagram Stories might be a way to shorten that me-to-you process. It occurred to me to utilize the feature to post the pieces I make each day to give my followers not only first access, but at collector prices. True, my pieces are pretty affordable, so we're not talking piles of cash, but it's definitely enough to pay for that coffee and breakfast taco you picked up on your way to work today.  

Why Now?

I have a couple of goals with this new process. First, I'd love to have more direct interaction with the folks who buy my jewelry. So much of what I make gets sent off to my retailers, and though I am grateful for all their fabulousness, I miss hearing directly from customers. Second, through Etsy I'm able to create a rapport and better understanding of who owns pieces of my collection, but it's honestly a really time consuming process to list and promote one-of-a-kind objects. I've found ways to make it work, but as I feel compelled to create increasingly unique pieces, the Etsy model can be limiting. Third, the prospect of selling jewelry more like how a baker sells loaves of freshly baked crusty bread is just really intriguing. Through the magic of all this social media technology, it seems like there's now an opportunity to try out that model. So, long story longer, follow me on Instagram or Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for the red circle around my profile image. That means there's some freshly baked jewelry and it's available at your collector price for 24 hours. Direct Message me if you see something that looks delicious to you and we can work out the details from there. Simple, right? It might just be the best thing since sliced bread.