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Kōlam | Butterfly Cascade | Great Mental Models and more. . .


The colorful edges of these cigar tins caught my attention first, but then all the cool typography started jumping out at me. Can't wait to make more CAN DO! jewelry.

Here are a few good things I found for you this week.

  1. A friend posted about kōlam this week. It's a lovely practice and mesmerizing to watch them being created.
  2. The butterfly effect points to the unpredictability of complex systems. This video beautifully shows the complexity of butterflies.
  3. Not nearly as wonderful as the real thing, but these tiny butterflies are lovely in their own way. I've also got a foxy necklace or some sweet hummingbirds in the shop currently. Use REDUCE for 10% off your order.
  4. This thoughtful essay by Nick Cave speaks to the importance of beauty. "My job is to show my children that there is a whole universe that exists beyond the grim issues of the day. This is not to divert them from certain truths, but rather to remind them that the parallel world of art and the imagination can literally save their lives, as it certainly saved mine."
  5. This is an M.C. Escher etching come to life. Book stores and art! Two of my favorite things.
  6. I'm fascinated by the Great Mental Models project. The first Volume, General Thinking Concepts covers 9 models they claim "will, without a doubt, improve the way you approach problems, consider opportunities, and make difficult decisions."

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