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Painting with Thread  |  Mistaken Orders |  Raw Craft & more Good Things

adaptive reuse jewelry for intrepid women upcycled tin jewelry
I'm trying to revive the long lost art of snail mail, so now I include a stamped postcard
for you with each order. I've also started planting trees. Because trees rock.

  1. The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders is radical activism through profound kindness. More of this, please.
  2. I love how people are modernizing and playing with the traditional idea of hand embroidery. This is a particularly fine example.
  3. I have quite a few things in this week's Good Things First collection. As always, you can use REDUCE for 10% off your order.
  4. I stumbled on Anthony Bourdain’s Raw Craft series recently and fell hard. I especially enjoyed learning about an ancient Japanese tattooing technique, how to make steel pillows and the intricacies of making a bespoke suit
  5. As an avid thrifter, I long to find something like this
  6. These paintings of National Parks are pretty stunning (and downloadable!) and a reminder that art as information is part of a long tradition. 

Hope you found a couple of good things here! If you like them and want to help support the endeavor, please share with friends, give the gift of eco-aware jewelry, and follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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