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So Many Tin Patterns

Decorative tin containers originated as a way to give double-baked biscuits a longer shelf-life. They were the food of choice for European voyagers starting in the 1500s, but it wasn't until a few hundred years later that airtight and reusable biscuit tins were invented.

They were an early branding opportunity for companies, but over time became packaging for all sort of products—much of which just needed to be beautiful. These are the bulk of the tins I collect and work with.

I thought I'd take a moment to share some of the beautiful patterns I've found just over the past few months. Maybe you'll recognize some of them in these lovely fans or these narrow teardrops.

Have a tin in your life that you would rather wear? Get in touch with me and we can figure out how to make some fab jewelry for you.

 Tin container patterns featuring birds

Geometric patterns found of contemporary and vintage tin containers

Contemporary tea tins featuring a range of brightly colored patterns