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Spider Love | The Big 5 Assessment | New Public Domain Assets and more…

upcycled tin valentines day jewelry by christine terrell for adaptive reuse jewelry

Here are a few good things I found this week:
  1. I got tagged on an interesting IG account this week that sent me down a rabbit hole. One of the great discoveries was this couple who find the most amazing treasures in my old home of NYC.
  2. Though next week is all about romantic love, the podcast This Is Love reminds us that in some ways that is the least interesting version of the emotion. Like, have you ever given much thought to spider love?
  3. The Valentine's section in my shop is filled with heart-y pieces as well as many that say I Love You in other ways. Use VALEN-TIN-E for 10% off your entire order in my shop or on Etsy.
  4. Figuring out what makes people tick fascinates me. When I learned about the "Big 5" personality traits a few years back, I was hooked. Take the assessment to find out what makes you tick.
  5. A treasure trove of classic art is now in the public domain. How will you use it to steal like an artist?
  6. We're in a bit of a cold snap here, so it's a great excuse for this super delicious spicy Mayan hot chocolate. It's hot hot!

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