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Super fast delivery, nicely (and creatively) packaged, light and lovely as I imagined. Thank you!  —JJ

People love these! and they're so light that
the size doesn't cause problems. —Becky

These earrings are fabulous. The craftsmanship is top notch. I will wear these earrings a lot as they are very cute and comfortable. They are the perfect weight and are definitely wearable for the entire day. Thanks! —Mindy 

OMG! These are more amazing than I expected! Love them! Thanks! P.S. I was told that these were "sassy" today! So great! —Sarah

The earrings are even better in person. So lightweight and the color is lovely. Received quickly in an adorable package. I will most definitely be back :). —Mary Beth

This is like my 4th? time ordering from this shop? Probably more. Love Christine's work and these are no exception. Such lightweight and fun earrings. —Phoebe

A new friend of mine said something so nice about your work that I had to let you know. I was showing her your site, and after we looked at everything, she said, “Well, she makes these with love, that’s for sure.” —Elizabeth