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The Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Already know your face shape? Great! You can find earrings perfect for Oval, Round, Oblong, Square, Diamond, Triangle, or Heart faces.

Don't know you're face shape yet? Here's how you can figure it out.

Oval Faces: Forehead is as wide as the cheekbones and narrows from the cheeks to the chin. Find earrings perfect for oval faces.

Round Faces: Widest at the cheekbones without a narrow taper to the chin. Find earrings perfect for round faces.

Oblong Faces: Long and slender with similar measurements across the forehead, cheekbones & chin. Find earrings perfect for oblong faces.

Square Faces: Forehead, cheeks and strong jawline all have similar widths in square faces. Find earrings perfect for square faces.

Diamond Faces: Widest at the center and often angular with well-defined cheekbones. Find earrings perfect for diamond faces.

Triangle Faces: A narrow brow and wide jaw line, the width of the face at the jaw line and cheekbones is greater than the width at the forehead. Find earrings perfect for triangle faces.

Heart Faces: This face is wider at the forehead, often with a widows peak & narrows to the chin. Find earrings perfect for heart faces.