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Ignight  |  Tin Collage Wall Art
Ignight  |  Tin Collage Wall Art
Ignight  |  Tin Collage Wall Art
Ignight  |  Tin Collage Wall Art
Ignight  |  Tin Collage Wall Art

Ignight | Tin Collage Wall Art

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I was listening to a podcast in the studio a few weeks back and heard Heather Ivany say the 2024 word from the Akashic records was "ignite".  I had this immediate reaction that I wanted to make a tin collage using that word, however, I saw it spelled the way I’ve spelled it here.

And as I worked on this piece, it was in my head for those days with this weird feeling that it’s not spelled right, but switching to the correct spelling didn’t feel right either.

There was something about lighting up the darkness of the night that also came through for me when I heard the word. Like the last few years have had lots of darkness, but 24 is a swing back towards the light.

And I’m here for some of that. 🤣

So, yes it’s spelled wrong. And yes it is intentional. And yes, it is confusing. All of those things are true.

But it was persistent in a way that I couldn’t ignore so I just went with it. This is the constant play between the conscious and unconscious mind that happens in any art making process.

Each piece of tin is hand cut, distressed and nailed into the block. The edges are wrapped with harlequin pieces of black tin. It is signed and dated on the back.

This block is about 5.5” x 5.875” x .75” and can either stand on its own or be hung on the wall.

Please contact me if you have any other questions.


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